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Experience the Modern-Day Churger

At Beesechurgers, We believe in the beauty of simplicity, but still redefining the burger experience.

Dive into the extraordinary with our mouthwatering ‘Churgers.’ No gimmicks or frills, just pure, plant-based delight that speaks for itself.

100% Vegan Fast Food

✓No Meat | ✓Lactose free | ✓Vegan/Vegetarian Kings Churger
✓No Meat | ✓Lactose free | ✓Vegan/Vegetarian Three Milkshakes in different flavours Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Peach

Taste the magic of Beesechurgers

Beesechurgers brings you the classic burger and shake experience, but with a twist – everything is 100% plant-based.

 Our mission is simple: to deliver an unforgettable flavor experience using the finest quality ingredients.

Great Food Should Be Savored In a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere!

We invite you to experience Beesechurgers at our restaurant. We also offer the options for you to grab your favorites for take-out or opt for the convenience of our delivery service.

 Be part of our sustainable, quality-driven food movement in The Hague.

Our Reviews

Best vegan Burger I've ever had in the Netherlands. Also topping like 99% of the vegan Burgers in Germany. I only know one which is better, but comparison is difficult cause at beesechurgers I had the "chicken"-Burger and in the german restaurant Its more of a vegetable patty (which I prefer). Definitely best "chicken"-Style-Burger Ive ever had. Potatoes are great, dips also. Hopefully Beesechurgers will expand - this definitely has big potential. Next time I will try the "beef"-Style-Burgers.
Mischa Salomon
Mischa Salomon
Burgers zijn really really really nice ... 🥰🥰🥰
Bert “Foodie Endeavour” Michaels
Bert “Foodie Endeavour” Michaels
Awesome grilled vegan burger, delicious shake. It’s like a fastfood chain style place
Nice staff! Amazing and really tasty burger also rather good pricing:) incredibly realistic tasting milk shakes as well i would recommend getting the peach milk shake!
Patrick Schmidt
Patrick Schmidt
The food is excellent. Remember: just because it's vegan, it doesn't mean that it is healthy or not tasty. Deep fried avocado was a much better choice than fries, I think. The burger was also great. Super friendly guys working the night I went. The ambiance is sort of fast food. It isnt a date night type place. It isn't as cheap as fast food, but it sure is good.
Justyna Samsonowicz
Justyna Samsonowicz
Chyba przejdę na weganizm! Świetne burgery i frytki. Ja i mój mąż bardzo polecamy! Wpadliśmy tam nieświadomie z myślą o mięsnych burgerach i okazało się, że to lokal vegański. Zdecydowaliśmy, że spróbujemy tym bardziej, że Pan obsługujący zachęcił nas. Była to bardzo dobra decyzja, bo smacznie zjedliśmy 🤤
Johannes Graf
Johannes Graf
One of the best vegan burgers I've ever had. Vegan milkshake was great as well! Staff was super nice
Burgers and Fries were very delicious, Staff was very likeablye and nice to talk too. Had my first vegan Milkshake there, can only recommend it. Bit expensive but worth it all the way. Can´t wait to be back on my next vacation!
Stephen Little
Stephen Little
Realy good burgers and shakes!
Excellent burgers
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