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Redefining the Fast Food Experience

At Beesechurgers, We believe in the beauty of simplicity, but still redefining the burger experience.

Dive into the extraordinary with our mouthwatering Churgers, M̶i̶l̶k̶shakes and more!

✓No Meat | ✓Lactose free | ✓Vegan/Vegetarian Kings Churger
✓No Meat | ✓Lactose free | ✓Vegan/Vegetarian Three Milkshakes in different flavours Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Peach

Sustainable Choice, Positive Impact

At Beesechurgers, we’re all about the wellbeing of the environment and our taste buds. Be assured that Beesechurgers is the tastiest and most sustainable option.

Great Food Should Be Savored In a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere!

We invite you to experience Beesechurgers at our restaurant. We also offer the options for you to grab your favorites for take-out or opt for the convenience of our delivery service.

 Be part of our sustainable, quality-driven food movement in The Hague.

Our Reviews

Anders the
Anders the
Legendary staff, legendary food
Erik Pruyt
Erik Pruyt
Ok. I admit. I had another AMAZING burger here. Vegan - you wouldn't know unless you knew. But... much better than your regular one. OG, it was this time. More sauce and a better bun than the King's. But I cannot decide which one I like more. Both are amazing.
Luca Nell
Luca Nell
De OG was heel lekker! Perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike.
Excellent burgers
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