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Experience the Modern-Day Churger

At Beesechurgers, We believe in the beauty of simplicity, but still redefining the burger experience.

Dive into the extraordinary with our mouthwatering ‘Churgers.’ No gimmicks or frills, just pure, plant-based delight that speaks for itself.

100% Delicious Fast Food

✓No Meat | ✓Lactose free | ✓Vegan/Vegetarian Kings Churger
✓No Meat | ✓Lactose free | ✓Vegan/Vegetarian Three Milkshakes in different flavours Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Peach

Taste the magic of Beesechurgers

Beesechurgers brings you the classic burger and shake experience, but with a twist – everything is 100% plant-based.

 Our mission is simple: to deliver an unforgettable flavor experience using the finest quality ingredients.

Great Food Should Be Savored In a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere!

We invite you to experience Beesechurgers at our restaurant. We also offer the options for you to grab your favorites for take-out or opt for the convenience of our delivery service.

 Be part of our sustainable, quality-driven food movement in The Hague.

Our Reviews

Luca Nell
Luca Nell
De OG was heel lekker! Perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike.
mike pronk
mike pronk
Het eten is echt super. De burger ga je bijna niet kunnen onderscheiden van normaal vlees 👌
Hasan Aloul
Hasan Aloul
Very tasty burgers! I had the Kings Churger with coleslaw, fries and their new kombucha. Delicious meal all around and as someone who loves many burger joints in the city, this one is up there with the best of the best. Not to mention the thoughtful staff and their excellent service. Seriously, don’t overlook this spot for your next burger fix!
Luna Idriss
Luna Idriss
Came to try the new brunch with friends, overall very filling and generous in quantity for a good price! The king’s burger was very flavorful and my favorite was the Beese sauce. The crispy Churger is also good and loved the spicy mayo in it. For the sides, we tried the crispy avocado and the crispy tenders. They are so good with the sauces: sweet & french and the creamy herbs. The best part was the sweets part of the brunch: waffles and caramel sundae. Highly recommend for a filling and tasty brunch with friends to share the different options.
Excellent burgers
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